Why and How Evil Spirits Attach

How Does Spirits Attach?

Our aura is basically a magnetic energy field. As we know magnets can both repel and attract according to their charge. The same can happen energetically with spirits and so some people naturally attract them into their energy field. Individuals prone to this type of spirit attachment are not however, necessarily those who are also attractive to other people. So do not assume that if you are a friendly and charismatic person you are more susceptible to spirit attachment. There are also other ways how spirit attach to humans, plants, animals and locations.

The likelihood of spirit attachment also depends on the strength of your auric field. If your aura is strong, healthy and complete then it is more likely to repel unwanted spirits. If on the other hand your energy field is weak, incomplete, an irregular shape, frail or even has holes or tears in it then it is much easier for a spirit to enter. The aura can be weakened or even damaged by physical or mental illness, surgery, certain medications. In particular, chemotherapy and antipsychotics, undue stress, internal or external negativity, alcohol, recreational drugs, cigarette smoke and pollutions.

Spirits get attracted to light like moths

Many spirits are attracted to the Light that we all have around our physical bodies. Some people project more Light than others such as sensitives, healers or regularly meditate or follow a spiritual practice. This is because the more we work on our spiritual development, the higher is our vibration. This increasingly opens and expands our auric field. The higher our vibration and the clearer our energy the more Light we can bring in. If your energy is filled with Light it will be vibrating at a slightly faster and higher frequency than that of an earthbound spirit. This will make any attachment to you very difficult. If the spirit does succeed in entering your Light filled aura, it won’t generally like that vibration and will promptly leave if able to do so.

Once the spirit is in your aura then it might attach to the physical body, an organ or a chakra via a cord. This is an easy way for the spirit to receive energy from you which is why many people with a spirit attachment often feel very drained. Sometimes the magnetic field of your aura will hold the spirit in place once it has entered. Even if the spirit then wants to leave it might be unable to do so of its own accord. The presence of one spirit may attract others to join so you could end up with a group. It is generally much easier to remove a spirit which has only recently attached than one that has been there for many years. Sometimes a normal cleansing and grounding exercise will suffice. Sometimes you might need to obtain assistance from a healer or spirit release therapist.

Why does a Spirit attach to a person?

Many people never experience a spirit attachment or possession in their lifetime. Everyone at some point in their existence however, will experience events like bereavement, time in hospital, drinking alcohol, seeing a therapist, having a massage or sitting in a room full of people meditating.

Often when we lose people we love it is very hard to let them go. This can happen not only with people who pass into spirit world, but also those with whom we have had a relationship which comes to an end. I frequently see living people in client’s auras, occasionally a partner or an ex, commonly a parent. This usually happens when one of the participants cannot release the other or when one has become needy or even dependant.

Sometimes I find that there is a co-dependency where neither will let the other go. A living person may be psychically seen as two dimensional within the energy field of the client. A deceased person has a different quality of feeling to them and is seen clairvoyantly as three dimensional. In these situations the person on some level has allowed and perhaps wants the attachment.

Suicide and love for the deceased

It may be particularly difficult to let someone go if they have committed suicide. The people left behind often feel a range of emotions including anger or guilt and wonder if there was anything they missed or could have done to prevent the death. The person who has taken their own life sometimes regrets their actions and the distress caused, wanting to explain or make redress and so remains earthbound. It is thought by some that our belief of what occurs after death affects what happens to our spirit. Many people hold the belief that if they kill themselves they will be plunged into limbo or even into Hell. Given this scenario a spirit in this situation might consider it is better therefore to attach to a loved one instead.

Following the death of a loved one, many people are vulnerable to attachment due to their grief and strong emotions. After funerals the common event is a gathering or wake where people may drink alcohol. This can open someone up psychically and expand their auric field giving access to the departed spirit. If in addition to this they want the attachment then it is almost inevitable.

In a case of attachment the person might feel and sense the spirit’s emotions and thoughts. Many people become depressed or anxious, feel trapped or suicidal. They may not realize that these are not their own feelings or thoughts, but those of the spirit attached to them. It is only when the spirit is released that the person discovers that those emotions and ideas did not belong to them. One of the classic statements that clients make when they come for a spirit release session is “I feel as if it is not me.”

Refusal to let go of the spirit

Some people collect one or more spirits and then refuse to let them go because the spirits give them a role or function in their life. Occasionally this is because the living person feels a strong need to help, look after, rescue or save others. They may carry out this function with incarnate people as well as discarnate. It is very misguided to believe that we humans can care for spirits more successfully than if they are released into the Light where they belong.

Some people have other life contracts, debts or issues that lead to a spirit attachment. There may be a sense of guilt or of failure, perhaps of being unable to protect a loved one, prevent harm or even death in a previous or sometimes current lifetime. If a spirit is looking for someone to take care of or protect them then this person is ideal. If an individual desperately wants to love or look after someone else, but cannot fulfill that need normally then they may attract and retain a spirit with whom they feel they can do so. Sometimes this can lead to an active relationship where the person converses and in extreme situations may develop a sexual life with the spirit.

Other people attract spirits to them with their negative thoughts, emotions or behavior. If a spirit is very angry then it will be attracted to a living person who also holds a lot of anger. The spirit will feel very at home in that angry energy field and may even increase the person’s rage. The same scenario may happen with those who have a lot of greed, envy, hatred or jealousy. People who are insensitive to others, aggressive or selfish, need revenge when anyone upsets them or has an obsessive need for power and control may attract a spirit that also has these same desires and ways.

Dangerous Hobbies

At the other end of the scale some people deliberately seek contact with spirits. Trained mediums and psychics know how to do this safely and use their skills in positive ways to receive guidance or bring comfort to a grieving family member. Unfortunately other individuals love the glamour and drama of declaring they have a spirit attachment. Some people dabble in unsafe occult practices and use such equipment as the Ouija board. These individuals complain that since that time they have been plagued by bad luck, depression, anger, unhappiness, migraine or a feeling of being out of control. Some hear voices or see things nearby which frighten them. The problem with this type of activity is that there is often no control over what type of spirit makes contact with those using the Ouija board.

This can also apply to people who use automatic writing, trance, channeling or healing without knowing exactly what it is that they are doing. If you carry out unsafe activities without the relevant professional training then you may be putting yourself at risk of attracting a lower energy than you intended. Training helps you to manage your energy properly and to recognize entities that are beneficial to work with and those that are not. There are also those who ask for attachment or even possession by a spirit in order to give them what they feel they lack in normal ways. Some believe they can obtain power, control or psychic abilities in this way.

Hospitals and Surgery

We are also susceptible to spirit attachment through serious wounds or trauma. This can be physical, emotional or mental trauma and might include unconsciousness during which time a spirit may enter the energy field. The trauma could cause fragmentation, covered elsewhere, which can also allow spirit attachment. If surgery is required this provides another opportunity for a nearby spirit to connect. Under anesthetic the consciousness or the astral body separates from the physical form while remaining attached on a cord. During the time after the operation while the anesthetic wears off the consciousness returns to the physical body.

However, during an operation something is generally either removed or added to the physical body and therefore a change occurs. On returning the astral consciousness does not quite recognize the body because a change has taken place and therefore takes a little while to completely re-attach itself. This accounts for some of the feelings of disorientation and of not feeling quite one’s self after surgery. During the time that the astral body is separated and not yet fully connected there is the potential for fragmentation or for a passing spirit, of which there are many in a hospital, to attach itself. It is also known that blood transfusions and organ transplant can also bring the spirit or aspects of the person or people that have acted as donors to the recipient.

Unsafe meditative practices

In a similar vein unsafe astral travel may also lead to fragmentation or spirit attachment. Even though the astral body separates from the physical body as above there is rarely a problem in reconnecting the two because a change has not taken place as in surgery. However, unsafe travel on the astral plane can lead to psychic attack by another traveler or during the absence from the physical body. It may also provide an opportunity for attachment by a spirit to either the astral or physical bodies.

Other reasons why someone might attract a spirit include being too open and unprotected with people or in certain places. Therapists sometimes leave themselves open to attachments from their clients. These might include teachers, counselors and psychotherapists, body and energy workers such as masseurs and reflexologists, sensitives and healers. It is every practitioner’s responsibility to clear and prepare their work space and themselves before seeing a client. It is also their responsibility to keep both themselves and the client safe during the session and to cleanse their energy and that of the room after each person. This lessens the risk of picking up any unwanted energy.

Occupational Hazards

There are certain jobs that hold a higher risk due to the nature of the role. For example, police and fire officers, paramedics, doctors, nurses and morticians all work with people who may be ill, suicidal, dying or deceased. These are all conditions where there may be the involvement of an earthbound spirit. Any entity attaching or possessing the body will want to free itself once the energy field of that person is so weakened that they can no longer feed it. If the body dies then the entity needs to attach to someone else who can sustain it. The spirit will choose the person on the scene to whom they are attracted.

In addition to people there are also certain places where there is a higher incidence of spirits than others and a higher probability of attachment due to the nature of the activities carried out in those places. For example, hospitals are very common places to pick up an attachment as people are often very sick or traumatized and therefore more vulnerable. People who die in hospital sometimes pass while unconscious or in shock and may not be expecting to die or are not ready to do so. Places such as cemeteries, churches and funerals are often frequented by spirits who are lost and confused or not ready to depart because they wish to stay with their loved ones.

Bars, Pubs and Disco

Other sites where a spirit may attach are places where alcohol is drunk in quantity lke bar, pubs and discos. Alcohol naturally expands and may also weaken the energy field; it opens us up psychically. Discarnate spirits in pubs and clubs literally wait for the effect of the alcohol to take effect and then jump on board. Other places where we might be vulnerable are therapy rooms. During many “hands on” therapies spirits may be dislodged from one client and passed to another or to the therapist. Haunted houses and offices may also harbor a spirit or two that decide to leave with you at the end of your visit or days work.

Some objects hold a spirit which may then pass to a person. This method is sometimes employed in intentional psychic attack. Here an object is used to trap a spirit and then given to the victim as a gift. The spirit might stay trapped within the object and affect everyone within its vicinity. Or it may be able to transfer from there to the victim. Most of these items can be cleared in a similar way to clearing a spirit from a person.

Why a Spirit May be Attracted

When people die they may find it really hard to let go of their earthly life and the people they love just as we may find it difficult to let go of them. There are often unresolved issues. Perhaps something was left unsaid or the person died after an argument that was never settled. I have communicated with earthbound spirits who were unhappy because they had not written a will and made their wishes known. Some want to look after the people or property they have left behind. Many life partners make promises to each other such as “I will never leave you” or “I will always look after you/protect you” and so on. These promises can bind spirits to people or places after their death. Sometimes it is more acceptable to the earthbound spirit for them to go to a place which holds happy memories and where they feel comfortable than to the Light in which they might not believe.

The way death happens

If death was sudden, traumatic or violent then the deceased may feel angry,shocked, distressed or guilty. These feelings can bind the spirit to the earth not allowing them to let go. Several spirits are desperate to seek revenge for their death. There were others who were unable to say goodbye to their loved ones or ask forgiveness for a supposed misdemeanor before they passed. I released one earthbound woman who insisted she had killed her baby. In conversation with her I discovered that the baby had died a few hundred years ago when infant mortality was high, through an infection obtained during bottle feeding. She had obviously not intended to harm the child, but her guilt had held her to wander the astral plane.

If someone dies in hospital while anesthetized, drugged or comatose then they may not realize that the physical body has died and can become confused or afraid. This misunderstanding is a very common one and can happen to anyone who dies in almost any circumstance. I have had to explain to many spirits that their physical body has died and they are continuing to live in their spirit body. I also have to explain that this is why people have not spoken to them or acknowledged their presence because they cannot generally be seen or heard. These spirits are easily released into the Light once they understand.

Substance Abuse

If the spirit has been addicted in life to drugs, alcohol, sex, shopping, cigarettes or food for example, then this can continue after death even if they are aware of their passing. In order to feed their craving the spirit may attach to someone with a similar addiction. Sometimes the attachment may be made to someone who does not crave alcohol, but starts to do so once the spirit attaches. Many chronic drinkers have a number of spirits with them which may be seen psychically in their energy field. The drinker will often be heard talking to their “demons” and may have lost their home and relationships while feeding the needs of the spirits. Some alcoholics do not appear to get drunk and this is literally because the attached spirits drink the alcohol. The alcoholic often has to increase their intake in order to get an effect from their drink.

Sometimes a contract has been made in another lifetime and the spirit arrives to continue that contractual arrangement. This frequently involves non human or dark entities who announce that they are working for a master, not least the Devil in his many guises, and that it is time for payback. Dealing with contracts will be covered in more detail in chapter 8. There are also the spirits that have been sent by a living person in the nature of a psychic attack as covered previously. These latter will often acknowledge the attacker as their master and agree to return to them.


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