Demons and Evil Spirits

Various Elements That Cause Possession & Attachment

Demons and Dark Force Entities

My personal experience with evil spirits demonic beings is that they differ in shapes, sizes and levels of intelligence – just as humans do. Demons are often referred to as Dark Force Entities or DFE’s. Demonic beings come singularly or in groups or sometimes as soul fragment. The demonic being may be attached to other earthbound spirits that are also with the client. Some demons are at the level of a thought form. These will be very limited in their communication and will often just repeat the intention with which they have been programmed, for instance to destroy the victim. This communication may be made telepathically with the therapist or the client or it may use the voice of the client to speak aloud. Thought form demons may be dissolved or returned to their creator. Many times an animal may also be possessed of demonic beings. See here.

The next level of demon is very similar in nature to a thought form as demonstrated by its limited ability to communicate. It may well have a number of phrases and threats which it will repeat. Some demons will use growls and grunts instead of words, usually intended to intimidate. Frequently demons will admit to having a discarnate master who is outside of the body or energy field of the person. Others will become extremely abusive and any therapist/healer cannot afford to be easily offended (See more symptoms of spirit possession here). It is wise to assure the client that they are not to be shocked or feel ashamed by anything the entity does or says through them.

At the other end of the demonic spectrum is the demon that is extremely dark and dangerous. This type of demon often acts as a master to many others. It will frequently not condescend to talk to you and will consider itself to be very powerful and fully in control. It may attempt to convulse or physically throw the client around the couch or room, or to assault the therapist. If it does speak it will often attack the weakest and most vulnerable aspects of the healer. It will try to provoke you into fear or anger – if it succeeds it has won and it will know it. If this happens you will probably not be able to remove the demon and will need to refer the client to another therapist. To deal with this type of demonic entity you require complete fortitude, a total lack of fear, a very high level of self-knowledge and an inability to be shocked or offended. This type of demon is intelligent and does not generally become confused or doubtful. It will usually demonstrate contempt and hatred for humans. The demon frequently requires a forcible removal from the client which may prove to be extremely difficult. This needs to be carried out by a competent and experienced spirit release practitioner like Dr. Andrew Dutta.

Elemental Spirits

People often become confused about elemental spirits. Elemental evil spirits are those of the earth, air, water and fire. They exist in nature and in their pure form are very positive and essential. In terms of spirit release we refer to attachments of elementals or nature spirits in more negative terms. References here are to the elementals that have been contaminated through human negativity. Practitioners have found spirits such as gnomes, elves, bogarts and sprites in houses, not all of which are causing problems. The situation may just require some negotiation to allow all parties to co-exist peacefully. Some elemental evil spirits in houses however, have fun by causing mischief to the occupants. These can be dealt with in a similar way to the low level demonic entities, almost on the level of a naughty child in some cases. They should be dealt with firmly and with compassion.

I have also found various elementals attached to people which identify themselves with natural phenomena such as stone or trees. They will quite readily with assistance return to their natural environment. The important thing to remember here is that not all entities are released to the Light. If they are elemental or nature spirits they are usually returned to the Earth.

Soul Fragment

A soul fragment is a part of us, an aspect of ourselves that becomes detached from the whole usually through a trauma of some kind. These may be seen psychically attached by a fine cord to the person’s body. I will often find one or more fragments attached to people who have experienced severe abuse. During the abuse the fragment detaches from the consciousness and the body. When seen psychically the fragment will appear to be the age of the person when the abuse took place. This aspect of the Self loses its ability to grow if it is detached from the whole being. It will often retain a memory of the abuse and most certainly the feelings such as fear and pain. In other cases people may fragment due to traumas such as an accident, surgery, losing a loved one or even moving house.

Sometimes soul fragments can simply be re-attached by revisiting the place of the accident or the beloved house that was left behind. More often the fragment is returned through a soul retrieval process which includes communicating with the fragment and the client to find out why it left and what it needs. Often a great deal of reassurance is required and the now adult client has to agree to take care of the much younger aspect of the Self that left. Both need to be reminded that the danger has now passed, the time is different and they need each other in order to be whole. The fragment is given healing and then brought back, usually through the Heart chakra, but it may be replaced anywhere into the body.


Ghosts are spirits seen in houses or in any other place. There are two basic types of ghost. The first is a spirit that is active, conscious and may be communicated with. It may or may not be earthbound. The second has no consciousness and is purely an imprint, residue or memory of a situation or emotion. Both types may be seen as shadowy figures or even as solid three dimensional people that seem quite real until they disappear or walk through a wall. Ghosts might be experienced as a drop in room temperature, a physical sense of touch or perhaps with goose bumps or tingling. A ghost will often appear at certain times or in specific conditions.

Many ghosts can be communicated with and the reason for their haunting established. Once the reason is understood and resolved the ghost may be released. One earthbound spirit/ghost I talked with had been throwing the current tenant out of her bed on a regular basis. Some people are happy to live with a friendly ghost for many years. Not everyone is sensitive to the presence of spirits and so not all occupants or visitors to the house will even realize a ghost is there. Working to clear houses of negative energies, ghosts, geopathic stress is also another service that Dr. Andrew Dutta provides.

Spirit Imprints

An imprint is a type of ghost which does not have a consciousness and cannot therefore be communicated with, but constantly repeats the same behavior. It is like watching a video that plays the same actions over and over again on a loop. An imprint may also be an emotional feeling or atmosphere that sits in a certain place. It has literally imprinted itself into the walls or the ground and can be sensed by people who visit. A very good example of this is the Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial in Germany. It is a large site mostly empty now apart from a museum, one of the barracks and the crematorium. The energy there is still and silent, the birds do not sing and there is a deep sense of sadness.


The incubus is a male spirit that has sexual intercourse with females usually
while they are asleep. It is rarely attached, but will visit. Many people have
had a single experience of this in their adolescence. Some people see the
incubus in their dream, others sense and feel it. This experience may be
considered pleasurable by some. There are also earthbound human spirits who have sex with living people. This may be a known spirit such as an ex-partner. It might be an opportunistic earthbound spirit who continues to want sex and finds a prey. Sometimes a sex abuser finds their previous victim and continues the abuse.

Spirits from Past Lives

It is quite common for a spirit that has been with you in a previous lifetime to be with you in this life as an attachment or even a possession. Occasionally they have entered while you were in the womb. Sometimes they have found you and attached during child or adulthood. The vast majority of these spirits from the past feel aggrieved in some way and hold the intention of harming the person to whom they are attached.

A few past life spirits however, have found their host through a deep love and are wanting to protect and be with them. Once it is explained that they are inadvertently causing their loved one harm they will agree to their release. In rare cases the attached person from a past life is actually a facet of you. Instead of just being able to retrieve the memories of a previous lifetime, an aspect of yourself in that life is still attached to you. Careful work is essential here as this aspect may need to be released as an entity or even integrated as a fragment or sub-personality into the whole.

Shape Shifters

Another form of evil spirits that cause attachment or possession is Shape Shifter. A Shape Shifter is able to change shape to prevent discovery of its real identity. There are living people and shamans who use shape-shifting in a positive way. However, most spirit Shape Shifters are negative. They may present themselves as a Guide to an unsuspecting person who then allows the spirit to guide and advise them. Typical examples of this are “Guides” who present as wise old men, beautiful young women or as children. Sometimes they will appear surrounded in Light and so it is assumed that they are a Being of Light.

Over time the true identity of the discarnate energy becomes apparent as the “Guide” starts to impress the individual to do, say or think things the person is unhappy with. The “Guide” might make threats and become abusive, picking on the host’s weaknesses and doubts. No true Guide would ever do this. The person realizing their mistake then has problems disconnecting from this Shape Shifter.

Some entities use the astral shell or envelope of a human spirit in which to mask themselves. The astral shell is the substance of the astral body which is discarded after use. So an accomplished and conscious astral traveler may use an astral shell during his/her travels and will destroy it after use. When the physical body dies and the spirit body leaves, the shell remains on the astral level for a period until it disintegrates. If the deceased held strong negative or materialistic thoughts and emotions it is thought that it takes longer for the astral shell to dissipate. A wandering spirit may use this discarded shell in order to appear as something different.


The succubus is the opposite of the incubus. This female spirit has sexual intercourse with males while they sleep. Some people consider this to be a pleasurable experience. There are also earthbound human spirits who carry out sexual activity with adults and sometimes children. This is usually a very unpleasant experience akin to rape. In one man’s case, he was having regular sex day and night with a female spirit formerly a sex worker. He had become addicted to this and did not want to let the spirit go even though he had lost his job and his friends as a result.


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