Symptoms of Evil Spirit Possession

Is it Attachment or Possession or is it Psychic Attack?

Spirit possession is also sometimes called as evil spirit possession. The difference between spirit attachment and demonic possession is simple. Spirit attachment occasionally referred to by some as “obsession”. Here the entity has attached itself within someone’s aura or energy field. Possession is where the evil spirit, entities or the demon has actually entered the physical body. If the spirit is somewhere in the auric field it may be seen clairvoyantly, sensed or felt. The entity might be felt as a heavy, tingly, sharp, dense, static or cold patch. There may well be a hole in the aura too. There might be an emotional energy such as sadness or anger or it could even feel threatening. The spirit may be seen as a dark or grey shape or even as a figure with full details of clothing and appearance. There may be unpleasant odor or a scent of tobacco or perfume that does not belong to the client, but comes and goes.

Symptoms of evil spirit possession can be experienced in the physical area where the entity is attached. So if it is on the left hand side there may be problems down that side of the body such as aches and pains or various injuries and weaknesses. If the spirit is attached to a chakra then that energy center will most likely be out of balance and need clearing. If attached to an organ, similarly there may well be problems with that part of the body.

Evil spirits and entities are often very clever and may well have tried to prevent the healing appointment taking place. In cases of attachment and possession, I had instances of the client’s phone call being disconnected or with bad interferences. Some people have been made physically immobile on the day of the appointment so they cannot attend. Others have had a car crash or various bizarre events have happened on the way to me.

Possession is a different phenomenon to spirit attachment and is actually not as common as often assumed. Possession is the presence of one or more spirits within the physical body. Consequently the spirits cannot be clairvoyantly seen or sensed within the aura of the person. The type of entity that possesses can vary. If it is human it will be deceased and in my experience is never a living person. It will be very well aware that its corporeal body has died and will often be intent on harm or have little consideration for its host. I have also found elementals and various types of dark and non-human spirits living within a human, including extraterrestrials.

Thought forms can also exist inside the body and this internal type is usually sent by another as a psychic attack. The thought form may be placed within an organ or an area of the body. I have treated clients with various thought forms placed for example, in their bladder which caused painful or restricted urination, in the uterus to prevent pregnancy and in the intestines to cause pain, general debility and weight loss. A thought form in situ may also be activated by the attacker through telepathy. So the victim may feel physical movement or receive thoughts and images from their attacker. These types of thought forms are not possession, but psychic attack.

Symptoms of Evil Spirit Possession in detail

Abusive and filthy language
Anorexia, bulimia and eating disorders
Being seen as eccentric by others
Chronic depression
Constantly feeling emotionless
Continuous lack of energy and fatigue
Emptiness in heart
Fears, phobias, obsessive behavior
Feelings of being watched, touched by unknown
Fogginess of mind
Frequent abdominal pains or headaches
Hearing inner voices, seeing images that are not there
Insomnia, Sleeping Disorder, Sleep Walking
Intrusive / obsessive thoughts
Lack of clarity of thought
Laughing very loudly and weirdly
Mood swings
Poor memory, concentration inabilities
Powerful sudden negative emotions
Repeated relationship problems
Severe allergies
Strange skin sensations, feeling vibrations in body
Sudden anxiety & panic attacks
Suicidal thoughts and attempts

Many of these symptoms of evil spirit possession or demonic attachments can also be attributed to other causes. So if you read something that applies to you do not immediately assume that you have a spirit on board. Generally a person with an entity attached would have a range of symptoms and not just one or two. It is also the case that some people with a spirit attachment are completely unaware of its existence.

The most symptoms of evil spirit possession is to feel drained or exhausted for the majority of time without physiological cause. This is because the spirits feed like parasites on physical energy. The immune system might also be adversely affected and therefore provide less resistance to infections, coughs and colds. Over time motivation or enthusiasm may also reduce and so the person fails to achieve their aims in life. Did your symptoms come on suddenly or gradually. A sudden onset is quite common – as the spirit arrives it brings the symptoms with it. The sudden arrival of pain or nausea, an addiction, ailment or illness might indicate where the entity has attached. Pain in the back is common as many spirits arrive from behind. Some non-human parasitic entities insert a tail down through the victim’s spine in order to attach securely. The posterior of the aura in many people tends to be more vulnerable because they are less aware of it. The energy field at the back is therefore less protected, perhaps weaker and contracted closer to the body.

Many spirits attach quietly and so the onset of symptoms is reported to be gradual. The entity bides its time becoming well enmeshed in the energy field before making itself known. Many evils spirits bring symptoms to a particular organ. This might affect eyesight, hearing, the digestion or the heart, for example. Sometimes the medical profession is unable to find any pathological problem that explains the symptoms.

There is a distinct possibility that someone experiencing Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD) has a spirit attached. In this condition the individual will have a distorted perception of their body image. This might be a part of their body, their ears, nose, teeth or hair in which they perceive a flaw and become obsessed with this imperfection. The client may desire surgery to correct this defect which to others is quite simply minimal or even nonexistent. BDD also includes eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia. Here the person views themselves as grossly overweight while others may see them as severely underweight. In a case of spirit attachment it may be the views and beliefs of the spirit that are being expressed. And this can distort the client’s own perceptions.

Some entities cause food cravings – chocolate and meat are apparently common as symptoms of evil spirit possession. Sometimes we do not know which symptoms the spirit brings and which are our own. The other issue is, that if a spirit has been in residence for long, the person may have adapted to it in some degree. This can include changes in behavior, thinking, sleeping patterns and food likes or dislikes. Often people with a spirit attachment become used to thinking in a negative way because they face constant difficulties. After the release they have to work very hard at thinking positively and changing their outlook, attitude and behavior.

A number of spirits crave for alcohol, nicotine or drugs to which they were addicted in life. This can cause the host to start drinking, smoking or using drugs which of course, can further weaken their energy field and lead to multiple spirit attachment as well as other social problems.

An evil spirit possession or demonic attachement can also include execessive sexual activity. Such as addition to pornography, daily masturbation, sadism/masochism and fetishism. People suddenly became very sexually active without feeling that they have any control over who they had sex with or the nature of the sexual activity. This can be very distressing if you find yourself engaged in unwanted activity or with someone with whom you would not normally consider being intimate. Several people have reported being raped or their genitals and other body parts being touched by a spirit. These distressing events would normally be reported to the authorities, but how do you report a “rape by spirits”? In some cases these spirits are sent as a form of psychic attack.

Many people with entities attached to them will be affected by the emotions, thoughts and perceptions of those spirits. The person may feel angry, sad or guilty for example, without knowing why they are feeling like that. Feelings of depression, anxiety and panic attacks are common in cases of spirit attachment. In some cases the human host feels suicidal without understanding that it is the entity who is feeling this way. Perhaps the spirit died through suicide or is in despair over their current situation and can see no way out. It could be the case that someone with an entity attached, especially if it is constantly torturing its host may be led to attempting suicide in order to escape their tormentor. There may also be a drive to self harm through body mutilation such as cutting the skin or to be self destructive in other ways.

It should be noted however, that an occupying entity does not always wish to be seen. The classic example of this is when the affected child or adult suddenly becomes angry or their mood changes. It is at these times that the afflicted person refuses to look at anyone. This might be because the entity doesn’t wish to be seen in an “out of control” moment or simply doesn’t want to be discovered. Clients will often say “this is not me” or “I don’t feel as if I am in control.” They complain of being taken over by a feeling such as rage without cause. There may be sudden changes of mood and uncharacteristic changes in behavior or personality. This individual may become irritable and increasingly difficult to live with. Commonly their families, partners or friends will tell me that the affected person will at times appear to become a different character.

There is invariably disturbed sleep and strange dreams in cases of evil spirit possession or entities attachment. Sometimes the entity will show itself to the person in their dreams. This is different to a normal dream or nightmare as it tends to be the same figure that is seen over and over again. The figure will often suddenly appear in the dream completely out of context as if it is out of the control of your mind and just appears of its own volition. The spirit in the dream may speak to you or demonstrate that it is in control and what it wants to achieve. It may also appear just as you are drifting into or out of sleep when we are all more receptive to spiritual communication of both positive and negative kinds.

Some people find that the evil entities or evil spirits cause them problems with concentration or memory. They can no longer mentally focus on specific issues and decision making becomes difficult. Occasionally there are gaps in memory and considerable periods of time are lost. They are the times when you have absolutely no memory of doing or saying something, being somewhere or with someone else.

The condition of Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD) or what is now called Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) can also cause memory gaps, disturbances in personality and behavior. Dissociation produces a lack of connection in thoughts, emotions, memories, actions and/or sense of identity. The theory behind this condition is that due to severe and often repetitive trauma one or more parts of the psyche have split off into sub-personalities or alter egos in order to survive. These sub-personalities are usually the age of when the trauma occurred and may or may not be the same gender as the person. The alter egos can develop so strongly that they are able to take over completely. Each personality may have different habits, physiological aspects, skills and abilities. There are cases where one alter has a condition such as diabetes whereas the core person does not. The personalities may wear very dissimilar clothes and eat different food. There are also instances where one might be able to drive while others cannot.

This phenomenon is very different to soul fragmentation and the need for soul retrieval. In soul fragmentation, an aspect of the psyche is separated and frozen in the time of trauma and emotion. This fragment does not take over as a separate personality. The phenomena of spirit attachment or possession can cause this type of fragmentation as the trauma to the host may be severe. Once the spirit has been removed then the soul retrieval and integration can take place.

In conditions of MPD the important issue is to integrate the personalities if at all possible. More commonly however, the conscious cohabitation of the personalities is more achievable than total integration. Unfortunately MPD may also be an ideal situation for a spirit or two to attach without being noticed. How do you differentiate between a personality that needs to be integrated and an entity that needs to be released? This takes time and experience. A spirit will usually acknowledge having entered the client at a certain time and will be able to describe an earlier existence. A subpersonality however, will not acknowledge a life before coming into being. Many sessions would need to be spent communicating and observing the various personalities to ascertain which belong and which do not. To get it wrong and attempt to integrate the spirits while separating the real aspects of the Self would be disastrous.

Another symptom that needs to be addressed is that of someone hearing voices. In this situation any doctor who does not recognize the possibility of spirit attachment will usually diagnose the condition of schizophrenia or a psychosis. Generally people who are mentally unwell will tend to hear voices that tell them negative things or even to harm themselves or others. Commonly the voices which are a product of a mental health issue will be heard outside of the head. They might be said to come from the walls, radiators, TV or radio for example. It should also be noted however, that some people with a mental illness may also hear these voices inside their head.

Voices from the spiritual planes are heard inside the head except in rare occasions where for example, there may be a need for urgency. With Spirit Guides the words spoken and the guidance given is always helpful, caring and compassionate and often received as thoughts. Attached entities are also usually heard inside the head even if they are outside of the body in the auric field. They may say some very negative and intimidating words. The visiting spirits of loved ones who have passed will also be heard inside the head of the medium. In this instance, the spirit has usually come to offer evidence of their survival after physical death and words of comfort to the bereaved.


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