The greatest wealth is your health.

Your well being is priceless !!

We can never quantify your happiness and the joy of living with the purpose of your soul. Life without harmful entities is the best gift you can give yourself.

Dr. Andrew Dutta will first analyze the interference from spirits, at a nominal cost of US$ 100 (INR 7500) from the photograph of the person, animal, tree or the place and give his views about the nature, type and causes of spirit possession. A tentative time period for clearance will also be provided by him. If you wish to proceed with clearance, bio sample or other place samples will have to be couriered to him at his Indian address at your cost. If you are getting your pet healed, then please visit this website and route your request.

Generally, removing normal earthbound spirit, negative energies, interference, demons, Demonic beings, Satanic forces, dark energies and soul fragments require about 6 months of time. If there are underground graveyard or the land was a site of execution or war, or any form of mass killing then in rare circumstances clearance would take more than 1 year, subject to client’s approval. In such case, NO EXTRA FEE is charged.

The person would be required to abstain from alcohol, drugs and other addictions during the whole period of spirit clearance. Continuance of narcotics or any other form of addiction can prolong the period of possession clearance.

One time Fee to be paid upfront.

INR 55000 / USD 730

For all bio samples coming from within India, the fee to be deposited in the bank account below:

Axis Bank Ltd.
Account No. 911010053563084
Account Type: Savings
Account Name: Moumita Dutta
Branch: Bhubaneswar Chandrasekharpur, Orissa

For all bio samples coming from outside India, fee to be paid through secured PayPal gateway.

You can pay by clicking on the secured PayPal link below.

Fees Type

Once you have paid your fees, please fill up the secured form below and submit online. All data and information is kept strictly private and confidential with Dr. Andrew Dutta.

Please note, all fees are non-refundable.


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