What Is Spirit Possession?

Spirit entity possession or demonic attachment is the control of your soul, mind, body, emotion and behavior by an external entity. This entity died earlier in a human form but remains earth-bound. It is called as a discarnate entity or ghost infestation. However, when such an entity is from the dark realm and did not exist in human form, such beings are called as Dark force entities or demonic attacments.

Possession by Spirits, Entities, and Demonic Beings (SED)

When the physical body of a human being dies and the spirit may not transition to the other side but remains stuck among the living. This could be due to hatred, anger, unfulfilled wishes, revenge, trauma and the mere suddenness of death. The SED decides to steal energy from a living person. It does this by attaching itself to a living person’s body or energetic field or aura. SED attachment is also referred to as entity attachment, earthbound attachment, spirit possession or demonic possession. They all describe the same phenomenon, which is also commonly called as ghost infestation. Know More…

How Do Spirits and Demonic Beings Get Attached?

Anyone can be ghost possessed no matter how religious or spiritual they are. There are many ways of unconsciously picking up spirits and demonic beings. SEDs feed off our life energy, and are attracted by, our negative emotions, negative actions and dangerious thoughts. Therefore, people attract the SEDs when they experience powerful negative and devastating emotions. This usually happens during highly stressful life events, holding grudges and not wanting to forgive. [For example, as in case of murder, rape, child abuse].

In addition, having feelings of deep guilt, drinking and abuse of alcohol or drugs, despair greatly after a loved one passes away also causes possession. Invariably, being unconscious during surgeries under the influence of anesthesia, during severe illness when body is weakened there would be possessions. Also, while summoning ghosts (ex. playing with Ouija Board), while living in a haunted house, or during untrained unguided spiritual healing practices. People raised in abusive homes, where there was no love, are more susceptible to possesion by SEDs.

In order to possess a living person, it is necessary for that person to be vulnerable. A number of different conditions provide the opening for entry. Entry is available during times of unconsciousness for any reason—a blow to the head, anesthetic, drunkenness or drug overdose.

Other ways we open to spirit entity demonic attachment or ghost infestation are: exhaustion, emotional crises such as intense grief, anger, fear or guilt. Severe illness also lowers our resistance to possession.

The presence of one entity seems also to open the door to additional spirits or ghosts. Deceased loved ones may stay around after their death and attach to the living with the intention of being helpful. Channeling, mediumship, out of the body experiences or automatic writing are open invitations to becoming possessed. I also know of a few cases in which being hypnotized appeared to provide the opening to the entity, but I tend to think that the entities were already present and the hypnosis only helped discover them.

Childhood abuse of any kind acts almost like a magnet, attracting entities wishing to attach. Some entities report having joined during a difficult birth or even during gestation. Occasionally we find entities who report having been with their host in a previous life.

Dark forces and spirits attach to people through cuts, holes, and distortions in the energy field (aura). The energy field is an outer layer of energy that emanates from every person. Therefore, cuts and holes (energetic openings) develop in the energy field from weak emotions and a loss of personal power.

Cuts and holes that develop in the energy field can be either temporary or permanent. Temporary cuts and holes in the energy field are caused by fear, anger and all fear related emotions, using drugs and/or alcohol, and a loss of personal power. Personal power is lost from the use of drugs, alcohol, fear, anger, giving parts of your power away to others, and soul loss from traumatic experiences. Permanent cuts and holes in the energy field are caused by a loss of personal power on a deeper level involving soul loss/soul fragmentation. Know More…

What Happens When You Are Possessed?

When a person possessed by SEDs or has ghost infestations, the following emotional, mental and behavioral characteristics are seen either suddenly surfacing or present chronically for a very long time. Sometimes, after a major negative event, changes in characteristics are noticed, which indicates that possession has happened. The following symtoms are most frequently encountered:

Abusive and filthy language
Anorexia, bulimia and eating disorders
Being seen as eccentric by others
Chronic depression
Constantly feeling emotionless
Continuous lack of energy and fatigue
Emptiness in heart
Fears, phobias, obsessive behavior
Feelings of being watched, touched by unknown
Fogginess of mind
Frequent abdominal pains or headaches
Hearing inner voices, seeing images that are not there
Insomnia, Sleeping Disorder, Sleep Walking
Intrusive / obsessive thoughts
Lack of clarity of thought
Laughing very loudly and weirdly
Mood swings
Poor memory, concentration inabilities
Powerful sudden negative emotions
Repeated relationship problems
Severe allergies
Strange skin sensations, feeling vibrations in body
Sudden anxiety & panic attacks
Suicidal thoughts and attempts

Symptoms of Spirit Attachments and Demonic Possessions

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