FAQ on Spirit Possession Clearing

Clearing spirits and demonic possessions also goes by the name of Spirit Releasement Therapy. It simply means removing the discarnate entities from the human aura and giving those released spirits correct guidance to join in the Light.

  1. Is the spirit removal process absolutely painless and safe for the person possessed?

The spirit releasement therapy process is absolutely painless and safe for the possessed person. In fact, the person will feel an increase in energy level and vitality, regain his/her interest in life, and experience positive emotions once a spirit possession is removed.

  1. What happens to a person when the spirits are being led off?

When spirits are removed, people often describe the sensation of having heavy chains removed and a feeling of finally be free. Others describe it as feeling as if someone removed baggage that they have been carrying for years. They feel lighter, calmer, happier, more motivation to live, more energy, and clearer thinking. Sometimes even their facial expression changes—they have a new sparkle in their eyes, and they look younger.

  1. Is the cleansing process always effective? Is there a guarantee?

Yes, the spirit releasement therapy or the cleansing process performed by us is 100% effective. We are able to free the possessed person from any spirits no matter how intense and how many there are. However, you need to be aware that some people attract spirits back after they are led away. That often happens on a subconscious level. This is why our spirit removal process is three months long—we want to teach people how not to attract spirits back. Statistically, about 95% of clients are free of spirits after our three-month program.

Sometimes people’s subconscious minds think that there are advantages of being together with the spirit. It might be a desire to suffer, be a victim etc. That person, like any other human being, has the free will do decide what is best for him/her.

  1. Can the spirit removal process done from a long distance be effective?

Distant work, aka remote removal, is possible because everything that exists is energy. Our spirit removal process is conducted from a causal level of consciousness. On the causal level of consciousness, there is no time or space. Distant removal is much safer because it prevents spirits from resisting or fighting back. It is also a convenient method for clients because they don’t have to travel to receive the healing.

Why is the removal process 3 or more months long? Why isn’t one session sufficient?

Although spirits are successfully led away after one session, most spirits still want to return to a person, and that person often subconsciously desires their return as well. If someone has been under the influence of spirits for quite so time, their subconscious mind is used to being in contact with spirits. It could take time to reprogram the subconscious mind, so it no longer desires to be in touch with negative energies. People also need time to work on raising their vibrations so that in the future no spirits will be capable of reaching their energetic field.

  1. Can the removal process be shortened?

We don’t recommend shortening the spirit removal process. Even if you feel much better after a week or two, there is still a good chance that spirits will return. The minimum three-month process should be conducted at a time when you can also work on yourself so you won’t attract any new spirits in the future. However, even if more time is needed, you still just need to pay for 3 months and not more.

  1. How long does it take to get better once I start the removal process?

Every case is different and it’s impossible to predict when a person will be fully free of spirits. Some people feel immediate relief, for others it is a gradual process.It all depends of when a person will stop attracting spirits back after we led them away. Some people still attract spirits during the first month. A lot depends on how closely a client follows the instructions and listens to our advice.

If a person has been suffering for a long time, there is a good chance that full healing may take time. It would be unreasonable to expect that years of suffering could be fixed in one day. The longer the person has suffered from spirit attachment, the longer time they will need to dedicate to work on themselves so that they do not attract spirits back after they have been led away.

We offer a great number of resources to help people with their spirit removal process, but it is their decision whether they will utilize them.

About 95% of clients are free of spirits after our three-month program. When a spirit is no longer attached the sense of relief is almost instantaneous; symptoms automatically disappear.

  1. What is the cost of the removal process?

Its is one time fee of USD 550 for 3 to 6 months [for orders placed from out of India] and INR 37000 for orders originating from within India. This is for complete clearance and the person on whim the clearance is conducted will feel complete relief.

  1. Can spirits return after the removal process? Does anything like an “anti-ghost shield” exist?

Yes, there is a chance that spirits may return after the spirit releasement therapy process. However, this is only possible when we give them permission to return. The duration of the spirit removal process is three months. During this period, our clients learn how to protect themselves from spirits re-attaching to them. All clients receive written instructions and are free to ask questions. We don’t believe that healers can provide anti-ghosts shields, nor do we believe they can guarantee that spirits won’t ever return.

  1. Can the cleansing process be performed for a person without his or her knowledge, and if so, would it be successful?

Yes, it is very common to request a spirit removal process for a loved one. The success in leading the ghosts away in such cases is approximately 85%. The remaining 15% attracts spirits right back after they are led away by us. This could happen for many reasons, for example, they continue to use alcohol or drugs, hold grudges, or are only focused on fulfilling their sexual desires. Usually we are not able to help those people unless they decide on their own that they want to break the dependency on spirits. This can happen when people have suffered for a long time from the presence of spirits and are eager to solve that problem.

  1. Is it possible for a spirit who has been removed to enter someone else’s body?

Unfortunately, yes, it is possible. Spirits can choose to transition to the other side, but can also look for another person to possess. God offers free will to not only every human soul, but also to the spirit. For the possession to take place, a living person needs to open themselves up to spirits or give them their permission. It is a two-way street.

  1. Can the spirit possession removal process be harmful for the spirits?

Our spirit releasement therapy process is safe and painless for spirits. We are dealing with human souls and they deserve as much respect and love as living people. The purpose of the spirit removal process is to not only help the living, but also to help these lost souls who are stuck in transition to the other side.

  1. After the spirit possession removal process, do spirits usually go to the Light?

It depends on the spirit. After death, spirits still have their own free will and can make their own decisions. Most, however, choose to go to the Light.

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