Poltergiest Activities in Places

Human Dwelling Places and Poltergiests

Poltergeist is a German word meaning “noisy spirit.” There are various theories about poltergeists. It may be a spirit who is angry or wanting to create mischief. It may be a spirit who is using the psychic energy produced by a living person. A poltergeist is able to move large objects with surprising force and speed. They may also make various noises around the house and even sounds that are inexplicable. This spirit is not always seen psychically, but its presence may be felt. A poltergeist noisy spirit basically wants attention and can carry out harmful or playful activities depending on its intention.

Most frequently, poltergiest activities are seen in old hotels, re-sold houses, land that remained unsold for many years. Also in old houses remodelled and rebuilt. Poltergiest activities also happen after you are back from a funeral, cemetry, hospital or from an alcohol or drug party.

How does Poltergiest activities start?

Poltergeist activity does not start with massive bangs, but with small trivial events that are often seen as pranks by others. These may then escalate over a period of time to become harmful and frightening. Are you hearing noise of something falling in your house? Do you often find items misplaced or getting lost in your house to be later discovered somewhere else? You ae probably witnessing poltergiest activities.

Causes of Poltergiest activities

It remains unknown why poltergeist noisy spirit activity starts. There are different theories regarding its cause. One theory is spirits, or elemental beings, at a location are drawing on energy and disturbed at changes in the environment. Another theory is that residents in a property may be the cause where one or more residents are themselves possessed by spirits or demons.

Poltergeist hauntings usually start subtlety, with unnoticed movements of objects, or the appearance unexplained puddles of water. As the haunting escalates, objects may appear to be thrown, aimed at a person, and inexplicable noises such as footfalls, or heavy pieces of furniture dragged across the floor may be heard at strange times.

Possession through poltergiests

Possession may also occurs when the poltergeist energy takes control of a person’s body, and may talk through that person. The possessed person is unlikely to be aware of the possession, and may not realise they are suffering from lost energy. They suddenly see a sharp downfall in their mood, psyche, finances, relationship and troubles with their vehicles.

Poltergeist attacks can be psychological as well as physical. The psychological attack starts with general activities which may cause fear and anxiety, depression, mood swings. Later, Multiple Personality Disorder, increasing psychological stress. Also shaking of beds and the moving of objects, physical attacks such as bruises and scars of unknown origin.

How long do poltergiests lasts?

If untreated, it can last forever.

Poltergeists are extremely difficult to remove. Exorcisms may be used to remove a poltergeist when they are of a demonic or spiritual origin. But the process can be lengthy and possibly make things worse in the short term, as activity may escalate.


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