FAQ on Spirit Possession

In this section you will find answers to many of your questions on Spirit Possession

  1. What is possession by spirits and demons?

Following the death of their body, a soul (aka spirit) who doesn’t transition to Light, due to unfinished work, anger, hatred, love, revenge, unpreparedness for death, fear of death, forced death. Additionally, it can be any other thoughts at the time of death that makes the soul an earth-bound spirit or simply “spirit”. An attached spirit or spirit possession is therefore the soul of a dead human who did not travel to the eternal Light after death. A demon on the other hand have never taken birth as a human being. They are primarily “beings of darkness” whose primary purpose is sever torment to the person whom they possess. Spirit possession or earth-bound spirit is therefore the most common form of possession.

  1. What can spirits/demons cause in my life?

Spirits/demons can be responsible for many illnesses, both mental and physical, resulting in strong negative emotions, poor interpersonal relationships, and life breakdowns on different levels—mental, financial, and health-related. Depending on the personality of the person possessed, possession or attachment can manifest itself in many ways in the conscious and subconscious mind.

  1. Can spirits/demons influence human decisions?

Absolutely. It is not uncommon for spirits to often manipulate people who are possessed and make them do things they would never do in their “normal” state of mind.

  1. What kind of spirits/demons possess people?

Spirits/demons can be of past predecessors, family members, unknown people and dark force entities such as demons from the dark realm.

  1. Why do spirits not pass to the other side of death’s curtain and why do they possess people?

In most cases they are afraid. They do not know what will happen to them after death and they are often afraid that they would be punished or they would be condemned to “hell.” Sometimes they are not even aware that they are dead, and other times they simply do not want to give up their life. As a result, they possess people to steal their energy in order to live.

Why are some people more vulnerable to the influence of spirits/demons while others are not?

Spirits feed off, and are attracted by, our negative emotions. Most people attract them when they experience powerful negative emotions during stressful life events (ex. death of a loved one, divorce, martial separation, personal injury or illness, dismissal from work, etc.). Other negative factors attract spirits, as well. For example, holding grudges, feelings of guilt, use of alcohol or drugs, while summoning ghosts (ex. playing with Ouija Board), while living in a haunted house, or during spiritual healing practices. People raised in abusive environments, where there was no love, are also more susceptible.

  1. Can children be possessed by spirits/demons?

Yes, children and babies can also have spirit possession or earth-bound spirit attached to them. Spirit attachment can happen to anybody and it has nothing to do with their age. Since children wear their hearts on their sleeves, it makes it easy to determine whether they could be dealing with spirit attachment. Such children will behave differently. Some will be sluggish, sad, depressed, isolated, feeling cold and fatigued, have frequent crying bouts, experience constant stomachaches or headaches, and be unwilling to play with other children. Others may behave quite the opposite. They will be aggressive, cause trouble in school and at home, and be impossible to calm down.

How does one recognize whether someone is dealing with spirit attachment?

Freeing yourself of spirits is a step to a better more spiritually enlightened life 3

There are many symptoms. We described them in detail here.

  1. Can a person get rid of a spirit/demons on their own?

When a spirit/demons is already attached to our body, it is NOT possible to get rid of it on our own. At that moment, our vibrations are too low, and even access to angels or other enlightened beings are blocked. Only an exorcist or another skilled person can remove spirits from a possessed person.

  1. Is it possible to determine how long ago a spirit entered my body?

Yes, it is possible but in most cases, spirit possession or earth-bound spirits believe that they are still alive. You can also find an answer to this question by yourself. Think about when you started to experience any symptoms or started to feel differently. There is a possibility that spirits attached themselves to you when you first started to feel negative symptoms. Also, it often happens after the death of a loved one, or when we go through stressful events in life.

  1. Can spirits/demons attach to my home or property?

Yes, this can occur. When spirits are attached to a house, there might be constant problems with the house. For example: pipes breaking or leakages. There could also be an odor in the home that is impossible to remove. People who reside at homes where spirits are attached will often feel drained of energy. They could hear noises, knocking sounds, or household items may go missing. Additionally, spirits often attach to people (including children) who reside at haunted houses. We receive many phone calls and emails each week from people who believe that there are spirits in their home, but after taking a closer look, we find that spirits have already possessed them. People often try to get rid of spirits using holy water, smudging, burning white candles, Feng Shui, or rice and salt. In most cases, we find these methods to be unsuccessful.

Can spirits/demons influence places where business is conducted?

If spirits/demons are attached to the place where a business is conducted, they will most likely drive customers away. As a result, such businesses will constantly encounter financial problems. In addition, this could create an unpleasant atmosphere among workers, causing them to quit or get sick. The business structure itself may have constant problems with electricity, pipes, foul odors, etc.

Can spirits/demons persuade someone to commit suicide?

Yes, they can. Spirits/demons are often resigned and have little energy. If such a spirit possesses the living, he or she would have the same feelings and emotions. This can lead to depression, which is an increasing phenomenon in western societies. Sometimes spirits are envious of the living and persuade people to commit suicide. They think that if they are not alive, then the possessed should die as well.

  1. Can spirit/demon attachment cause sleeping problems?

Yes. Many people who are dealing with spirit/demons attachment will experience sleeping difficulties. Spirits don’t have a need for sleep like humans. When a person wants to fall asleep, spirits will keep them awake or wake them up shortly after falling asleep.

  1. Can spirit/demon attachment cause internal vibrations and tingling sensations?

Yes, spirit attachment is often responsible for internal vibrations that you can’t see, but you can feel them. Some people describe it as if an electric current is flowing throughout their body. We find that many people prior to experiencing such symptoms, have partaken in spiritual healing or other alternative therapies.

  1. Can spirits/demons influence our relationships if we are dealing with spirit attachment?

When a spirit/demon is attached to a person, it will often send negative energy to anybody who comes in contact with such person. As a result, people tend to avoid people who have a spirit attached because they can subconsciously sense negative energy from them. Others could also react to them negatively, be argumentative, or be unpleasant without any apparent reason. Our clients often complain that they are unable to maintain relationships because people often disappear from their lives or they are treated poorly everywhere they go.

  1. Can spirit/demon influence your finances?

Yes, they can. If a spirit/demon, during his or her life was accustomed to living in poverty, the person they possess or become attached to can make poor financial decisions. Essentially, everything that the ghost experienced in his or her life while alive, can also become your reality, too. This not only effects finances, but relationships, health, intelligence, daily habits, language, emotional states, and more. Additionally, some people find themselves unable to work, because of their severe symptoms and as a result incur financial problems.

  1. Are there good spirits and can they help me with something?

Yes, but they are not spirits of dead human beings. The are beings of Light called as Archangels, Spirit Guides, Spirit Doctors and angelic beings. They dont attach themselves to the host nor do they steal the energy of the person. They are benevolent and helpful for the soul’s growth.

  1. How do I distinguish whether a spirit guide or some other enlightened being is talking to me versus spirits who didn’t transition to the other side?

Spirit guides or any other enlightened beings will NEVER pressure a human to do anything, use bad language, or talk negatively about others or yourself. It is an independent connection based on pure LOVE. Spirit possession or earth-bound spirit, on the other hand, usually will try to pressure humans to curse or talk negatively. Thoughts are usually intrusive and it’s hard to turn them off. Spirits can manipulate and try to persuade a person that they are Jesus, Buddha, Mother Mary, etc.

  1. Do you believe in God and are you affiliated with any specific religion?

Yes, we do believe in God. Everything that we do is intended to help people and lost souls, who for various reasons did not depart to God and to the place where they should be after death. We are NOT affiliated with any specific religion. We help people from various religious backgrounds and a person’s religion doesn’t conflict with our spirit removal process. Despite different religious beliefs among people, we all experience negative consequences of spirit attachment in the very same manner. For example, a Catholic person feels the anxiety or chronic fatigue in the same way as a Jewish person. Similarly, a sense of relief or joy after spirits are led away is felt in the same way by Catholics, Jews, Muslims, Hindus etc.

  1. Is it possible to move all these spirits to the other side once and forever?

Yes. All our spirit possession or earth-bound spirit clearing is done by sending the spirit/demon to the realm of eternal Light of Love and God, wherein they are taken care of and guided well. They are not forcibly thrown out or driven out in the traditional exorcism practices. Our practice is as caring for our client as is for the possession entity.

  1. Is it possible for spirits/demons to travel to different places, or do they stay in a place which they are familiar with?

Spirits/demons can travel to different places, but prefer places and people with a similar vibration. For instance, if a spirit is attached to the material world, he/she would be drawn to people who have the same affection. Spirits can move very fast, almost with the speed of thought. For example, a spirit who has died in Australia could be attracted to someone in America who shares a similar emotional problem (similar vibration). A few seconds later, the spirit would find itself in America.

  1. Is it possible that after a spirit/demons has been summoned, that they may stay behind and possess someone else?

Yes, it is. Summoned spirits/demons usually end up possessing people who participated in summoning games. These cases of possession are often hard to treat. Spirits feel as if they were “invited,” so they have no intention of leaving. Summoning games are unfortunately very popular among young people. We receive many requests for help from people who, for example, played with an Ouji Board. Even people who don’t actively participate in a game—but just observe it—could end up becoming possessed.

Is it possible to talk to spirits who do not pass to the other side of the death’s curtain? If so, can they hear us?

You definitely should NOT talk to spirits who did not cross to the other side. They will hear you and they will come to you. Talking to spirits is equal to summoning them, which is very dangerous even if the spirit is a loved one. When someone dies, he or she still has their same personality, but the emotions of spirits who did not go to the other side strongly intensify. The world in which the spirits reside is built from human emotions, desires, lusts, etc. That is why we should be aware that, for example, our beloved grandmother is not the same grandmother who we knew during her lifetime, and that both physical or mental suffering should be expected if we become possessed by her. In almost all cases, help from an exorcist is needed when a spirit has decided not to transition to the other side.

  1. Can alcohol, drugs or other consciousness altering substances contribute to spirit attachment?

Yes, very much. When we are under the influence of alcohol or drugs, we can easily become victims of spirit possession or earth-bound spirit. Spirits know when a person is not in full control of their body and mind, and they will use that opportunity to attach to the living. Most heavy users of alcohol or drugs have multiple spirits attached. These are usually spirits of former addicts (as per the universal rule of attraction: like attracts like). As a result, people will not only deal with their own desire to drink, but also with the spirit’s desire as well. This is also the reason why many addicts find it so hard to quit—because their desire for substance use is doubled by the spirit’s desire.

  1. Could you tell me a little bit more about sexual attacks by spirits?

It is possible for spirits to rape people. It feels no different than a rape committed by a human being. The only difference is that the rapist is invisible. Such spirits are usually attracted to people who have unfulfilled sexual desires or unresolved sexual wounds. For example, people who feel lonely, deprived of intimacy, and addicted to pornography have tendencies to attract such spirits. We also find that people who have been sexually molested in their childhood may often attract spirits. There is another group of people who consciously agree to have sex with a spirit. Soon they discover that the spirit desires to have sex on a frequent basis and on its own terms. This is typically when people seek help because they become overwhelmed with their situation.


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