How Do You Know You Are Possessed?

Is everything in life going wrong? Are they due to unknown reasons and uncontrollable behaviour? Then spirit or demonic possession appears to be the final cause.

When a spirit demon earthbound entity attaches itself to a living person, then he/she may start to experience strange things. There may be constant anxiety, panic attacks, depression, intrusive and suicidal thoughts, powerful negative emotions and mood swings. Also spirit possession creates insomnia, lack of energy, poor memory and urge for drug and alcohol abuse. Spirit demon earthbound entity attachments can also happen to a house or any physical location.

When a person, place, animal of place is having spirit demon earthbound entity attached, then the following emotional, mental and behavioral characteristics are seen. These symptoms can either surface suddenly or present chronically for a very long time. Sometimes, after a major negative event changes in characteristics are noticed. This also indicatespossession.

The main way that demons, spirits and earthbound entity attachments work is by absorbing large amounts of energy (life force) from the people they have attached to. Then by intensifying, manipulating they create dark and fear based emotions, thoughts, and beliefs. As these are ‘dark energy’, therefore they influence you with such energy and consciousness. They add ‘energy’ to your pain and negative emotions. Whatever negative beliefs, emotions, or thoughts you have gets intensified manifold with dark forces. Such spirits also influence and intensify unhealthy choices, habits, and lifestyles.

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