All About Spirit and Demonic Possession

Spirits, Demons, Poltergiests, Earthbound Entities

What Happens During Death?

A spirit can be bound to the earth by the emotions and feelings connected with a sudden traumatic death. Anger, fear, jealousy, resentment, guilt, remorse, even strong ties of love can interfere with the normal transition. Erroneous religious beliefs about the afterlife can prevent a spirit from moving into the Light because the after death experience. Situations after death does not coincide with false expectations or preconceived notions of the way it is supposed to be. If too much of fear for hell, damnation injected when the soul was alive, it will make the soul turn away from Light. Invariably, this becomes the cause for spirit and demonic possession.

Spirits choose not to cross over to the other side for various reasons. These are confusion, fear of the unknown (what’s on the other side), unfinished business. Negative emotions like revenge, fear based religious beliefs (fear of being sent to hell or judged or damnation) are responsible. Also sometimes too much attachment to physical body, or the physical realm or to watch over family and friends keep them attached. This causes spirit and demonic possession.

Dark Forces, Spirits, Entities, Demons: Where they come from?

Earthbound spirits dark force entities and demons are the three most common kinds of entities. The spirit is the part of us that endures after death of the physical body. Occasionally spirits are puzzled regarding the Light when their body dies. So they remain in the earth plane and attach to living individuals. Or stay in a particular place and become a ghost or haunting spirit. Lots of spirits stay in the planet plane as a result of a lack of understanding of their death.

For simplicity benefit the dark power forces and demons can be termed evil. They never lived in their very own physical bodies, as well as being generally on a mission to ruin. We do not actually recognize where the dark ones originate from. Some claim that negative idea kinds offer dark forces– or Satan or Lucifer– the tools needed to produce these beings. Another concept is that they might be fallen angels. It is always prudent to ask any type of spirit where they come from and also how they became.

Understand Spirit Attachment

In order for entities to attach to a human, that person needs to be vulnerable in some way. An earthbound spirit might attach while the human is unconscious for any kind of reasons. It can be anesthesia in surgical treatment, an organ transplant, a blow to the head, blood transfusion, drunkenness, alcohol or medications. Also extreme stress, exhaustion, grief, severe anger, worry, or guilt can act like a magnet for attachment. Without protection, things as automatic writing, channeling as well as mediumship, are open invitation for attachement. Also, making use of a Ouija board or existing at a séance. Drug abuse, rape, or incest can enable entities to attach.

After the death of a loved one an individual can unwittingly welcome that loved one. This happens with ideas such as “don’t leave me”. “I don’t wish to let you go”. Spirits have a tendency to hang around the area where their bodies died, or hang around the body itself. Negative thought forms which we create such as worry, rage, jealousy and also stress and anxiety, can invite and “feed” psychic assaults. Spirit Depossesion a kind of spiritual cleansing utilized to get rid of a person of spirits and demons.

Dark Forces and Dark Entities

The Dark Force Entities is one type of Spirits and Demonic Possession. They are a collection of non-human dark energy (fear and negativity). The dark force spirit entities have main objective to disempower people. They do this by implanting fear based beliefs and ideas, intensifying all negative thoughts and emotions. They heavily steal life force energy from living people. Dark forces prey on the fears, unhealthy lifestyles, and negative/dark beliefs, emotions, and thoughts of the people they possess.

The types of dark force entities that exist:
Demons: They non-human dark energy beings) Demons are the most common dark force entity.
Dark ET’s and Reptilians, Greys: Are higher level dark entities that are alien/ET based.
Fallen Angels: These are dark angelic beings which are mostly rare.
Negative Spirit Entities: Dark or negative spirits/souls that work with the dark forces.

Some people have contracts with dark forces or they are on a list. This list is basically an agreement with the dark forces to allow them into their lives constantly . These contracts can be made through some wrong spiritual choices such as soul stealing or stealing other people’s power. You can also have past life contracts with the dark forces that were never healed or cleared and continued into this lifetime.

Earth Bound Spirits

Often times we use the word “spirit” or “spiritual entities” to refer to something mystical, but what exactly do the words mean, and what are the origins of the term “spirit?” The word, “spirit,” actually has its roots in Latin. It comes from the Latin word, spiritus, which means “breath.” Originally in the Latin language, spirit did have both positive and negative connotations and was additionally used with different meanings. Nowadays, the word spirit often symbolizes a person’s consciousness or being. It is also used along with the word “soul.” Usually, a spirit directly contrasts with one’s body which is often taken as physical as opposed to the spiritual nature of the spirit.

What are Earth Bound Spirits?

Earth Bound Spirits are human souls, and soul fragments, who at the time of death did not choose to cross over to the next world, or the other side. Since they did not choose to cross over to the other side they became stuck on earth as either whole souls, or parts of souls. These earthbound souls, and soul fragments attach to the energy field (aura) of humans to maintain some type of control, and power over humans, to live through humans, and to live from the energy (life force) of humans. Earthbound spirits are the surviving consciousness of deceased humans. They are the most prevalent possessing or attaching entities to be found.

The disembodied consciousness attach itself and merge fully or partially with the subconscious mind of a living person. Therefore, exerting some degree of influence on thought processes, emotions, behavior and the physical body. The entity becomes a parasite in the mind of the host. A victim of this condition can be totally amnesic about episodes of complete takeover.


Poltergeist means “noisy ghost”. It is also a type of spirit and demonic possession, mainly in houses. This is because they have the ability to move or knock things over, make noises and manipulate the physical environment. A poltergeist is one of the rarest forms of hauntings. To many people this is also the most terrifying form of spirit activity.

Loud knocking sounds, lights turning on and off, doors slamming, fires breaking out mysteriously; have all been attributed to this type of a spirit disturbances. Another frightening aspect is that the event usually starts out slowly and mildly, and then begins to intensify.

Many a times poltergeist activity is harmless and ends quickly. However, sometimes they also become dangerous. Some experts explain poltergiests as a ‘mass’ form of energy that a living person is controlling unknowingly.

Fallen Angels

These angels are a special type of spiritual being. They choose to stay earthbound and separate themselves from the rest of the angelic realm. Fallen angels became aligned with the dark forces’ agenda on earth and work side by side with them. Hundreds of years ago fallen angels were found attached in many people. However, now they are a rare breed and most have realigned with the light. Still there are many fallen angels on this planet. It has been found that they are mostly attracted to women.

Energetic Doorway or Portal Openings

Doorways or energetic openings are portal to the other realm that are created within a person’s energy field. It also has the potential to create spirit and demonic possession. This is a lower vibrational (energy) opening, which allows or invites any type of non-physical being into a person’s aura. These doorways are created in many ways, such as fear, anger, drugs, alcohol, severe medications, general surgeries, being unconscious or knocked out for some moment.

Additionally, power over others through sex, money, intimidation, or any other type of dark power over someone opens these portals. It has also been found that stealing other people’s power or soul, soul loss, grave trauma, religious fanaticism and mediumship or channeling opens these closed doors.

There are also dark portal, which are energetic doorways from this dimension into the dark force dimension. Negative spiritual beings use them to jump in, and out of this dimension, and into their dimensions. They can be placed within people’s energy fields or they can be placed within certain spaces, homes, land, etc.

Nested Spirit and Demonic Possession Attachment

If the newly deceased spirit cannot break away from the attached spirit or does not have the strength to carry it into the Light, it can become earthbound also. Therefore, the original earthbound spirit still remains attached to it. This pair can then attach to another living person. After death, the spirit of this person also may be prevented from reaching the Light. This is due to the nested, or layered, attached spirits. This spirit becomes part of the chain of earthbound spirits that can compound until it numbers in the dozens, even hundreds.

Demons and Possesion

Demonic possession has been an integral part of all cultures around the world since the beginning of religion. Nowadays, though a significant percent of population no longer believes in demonic possession, it is still extremely widespread in prevalence. Demonic possession is the control, or possession, of one’s body, mind, or soul, by a supernatural entity, usually evil and malevolent.

Even in this day, many people report supernatural activity, including demonic possession. Many times, these include both emotional as well as physical effects. For example, some have reported that they have no memory of the possession; some have even reported that they have lost a personality. Many people, throughout history, who claim that they have been possessed by demons have even reported that due to the experience, they have gained hidden or secret knowledge or even the ability to speak a new language, possibly that of the demon. These two phenomena are known as gnosis and glossolalia, respectively.

Physical effects due to demonic possession have also been reported – these include the immediate or strange appearance of scratches, bite marks, and other injuries on the skin.

Some have reported even superhuman strength and extreme rage due to demonic possession. The concept of demonic possession is extremely widespread throughout various cultures. Under Christianity, demonic possession is usually seen as something that is caused by Satan (The Devil), or possibly by a “lesser demon.”

Demons and Exorcism

Many people have heard of the occult. Upon hearing the word, many people immediately think of mysterious rituals, secret societies, and dark secrets. Those terms, in reality, are actually great examples of “the occult,” but it is true that the term “occult” refers to much more in the paranormal world. Let’s start with the etymology of the word, “occult.” The word comes from occultus, a Latin word meaning secret and hidden. The word itself, “occult,” refers to the knowledge of the hidden. In fact, occult even extends to meaning the “knowledge of the paranormal,” “hidden knowledge,” and more.

Many magical and spiritual orders and organizations have been labelled as occult. These organizations’ practices include alchemy, ESP (extra-sensory perception), spiritualism, divination, astrology, philosophy, and more. Additionally, concepts of the occult and occultism can be found throughout many religions and cultures of the world.

Religion, Science and Demons

The religions and cultures most greatly based around occultism include Hermeticism, Wicca, Gnosticism, Thelema, and even Satanism. The “occult” directly contrasts with science. Science directly contradicts with the occult, which can be called “knowledge of the paranormal.” The occult is the belief that things have an inner nature and characteristics, as opposed to the exterior appearance and characteristics explored by science. The occult is often viewed as something malevolent, done by the supernatural or paranormal, against God, in many religions. This is not entirely always the case, but this idea is extremely prominent in both Judaism as well as Christianity. However, in certain other cultures of the world, such as Hinduism, occult concepts are actually a part of the elaborate rituals in the religion.


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