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Spirit Attachment (or spirit possession) is the full or partial takeover of a living person, animal, tree or inanimate object such as a house, land, real estate premise or an object, by a discarnate being. When such discarnate being or entity is the spirit of a deceased human, it is called as spirit possession or attachment. However, if such entities come from Dark Forces or Satan, then such entities are called as demonic forces creating demonic possessions. The field of spirit possession clearing deals with psychic attack, curses, witchcraft, spirit attachment, possession, soul retrieval, haunting, soul rescue, deliverance and exorcism to name a few.

Spirit Attachment is the presence of a living or deceased entity in the aura or energy field of a person and sometimes an object. Possession is where an entity has entered the person’s body and is lodged within. Psychic Attack involves an external energy which negatively impacts on our sense of wellbeing. Therefore, it can come from environmental factors as well as from living people. Haunting is the term most often applied to buildings, sites or objects and involves for example, ghosts, poltergeists and imprints. Soul retrieval signifies the bringing back of a fragment of the Self that has left at a time of trauma and although still attached energetically to the person is disconnected from the consciousness.

Soul Fragments need to be re-integrated and not removed, so exact identification of the issue is essential. Soul rescue is a term that can mean either spirit release or soul retrieval. Some therapists differentiate between release as meaning the removal of an invading spirit while rescue indicates the removal of a trapped spirit. The difference being one of intention on the part of the entity. The word exorcism is utilized today mainly by the Catholic Church. Many churches of other denominations prefer to use the term deliverance.

Spirits of deceased humans influence living people, animals, and physical locations. This happens by forming a connection or attachment. As a results, it leads to detrimental physical or emotional symptoms. Such a condition is usually called as possession state or possession disorder. It is also called as spirit possession syndrome or spirit attachment.

What is Possession?

Spirit Possession is a ‘takeover’ of control of a living soul-spirit by a discarnate entity. It should have gone to the Light after death. But chose to attach with a human, animal or place. Read More

Are you Possessed?

Read in this section to know if you are possessed. The characteristics of possession syndrome are many and easily recognizable. Sometimes these are easily overlooked as del Read More

Clearing Spirits & Demons

We heal spirit and demonic attachments distantly with love and care. You dont need to visit us. Simply send in your photo and with either a few strands of hair or nail clippings. We will exorcise remotely. Read More

What are the various types of evil spirits, entities and demonic beings?

Symptoms of Possession

The symptoms of possession in persons, animals, trees or places are many and easily recognizable. They include fatigue and sense of energy loss, sudden mood swings, hearing voices in mind. Read More.

Spirits in Houses and Places

ghosts in house home hotel

Spirits entities and Demonic beings can be present in houses, offices and in any other places of human dwellings. The activities that happen due to their presence are called as Poltergiest. Read More

Why and How Spirits Attach?

What is needed?

We need two photographs of the person/animal/place being possessed. For persons and animals additionally we will need hair or nail samples posted to Dr. Andrew Dutta. Read More…


FAQs on Spirit, Entities and Demonic Attachments.

FAQs on Clearing Spirit Possession

Free Resources

You can find here many reading materials on spirits, demon and negative entity possession. Read More….

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